The Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICAI) is an international development organization helping people to understand and manage their change process.  A non-for-profit network organization with coordination center in Brussels Belgium, the ICAI has member offices in 28 countries, with projects that span more than 50 nations.

The ICAI holds Category II Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Consultative Status with UNICEF, Liaison Status with FAO and Working Relation Status with WHO.

The Institute of Cultural Affairs, Ltd. (ICAHK) has been established since the mid-70’s focusing its human development efforts in government agencies, companies, educational and service organizations, local communities and individuals. Current Activities include:

The Center for Human Development (CHD)promotes comprehensive approaches towards organizational transformation and personal development including:

  • Corporate Services Group designs and facilitates organizational change programs with corporate, governmental and non-profit organizations.
  • Organizational Training Services provides public and in-house programs in the Technology of Participation (TOP) facilitation approach.
  • Participatory Democracy Program which promotes program the use of participatory process such as LENS, Future Search, Open Space.
  • ·Personnel Development Program which arranges various seminars and discussion groups on personal development including the community building

The Facilitators’ Forum in Hong Kong which meets monthly to share facilitative approaches.

The Woodside Preservation Program (WPP) is an ongoing program to maintain and upgrade “The Woodside”, a colonial style mansion locate near the county park in Quarry Bay.  The building was renovated by ICAHK in 1985 and has served as a multi-cultural living center.  Recent programs have included preserving the green space around Woodside, applying for historical status  and internal/external restoration. The ICAHK also make the Woodside facilities available to community groups and other organizations for meetings and activities.

The Community Art Program (CAP) has been established to help promote art in the East Hong Kong area.  Current programs include:

  • The Woodside Art Gallery and Recital Hall has recently been open and provides exhibition space to local and visiting artist. The Gallery is open on weekends with free admission
  • Artist in Residence Program
  •  The Woodside is used as a performing art venue and regularly provides a backdrop for various film productions.

Corporate Services

The Institute of Cultural Affairs provides consulting and facilitation services on organizational transformation to the corporate, governmental and non-profit community in Hong Kong.

The two premises behind our work are change and participation.  We believe that change is inevitable and is accelerating with the business world.  Corporate organizations must therefore enhance their ability to anticipate and deal with change.  This ability cannot be focused on an individual or a small group, rather it requires the participation of each individual within the organization.  A high level of participation ensures optimization of decision making and rapid and effective implementation of these decisions.

Dealing with change and encouraging participation, however, cannot be undertaken on a piecemeal basis.  It requires both commitment and process.

Commitment must exist fundamentally within the top leadership of an organization.  If you have realized the need to change and are ready to get the whole organization involved, then the question is “what is the process?”

The Corporate Services Group specializes in providing the process.  Each of our programs are customized to meet the current needs of your organization.

A powerful entry program often is a LENS (Leadership Effectiveness and New Strategies) Program.  This is a participatory planning and consensus building program which takes a group through a five step process of:

  • Analysis: reviewing the past and defining the present situation
  • Shared Vision: creating a group view of you want to become
  • Underlying Contradictions: naming what is blocking the vision
  • Strategic Actions: suggesting new approaches to create change
  • Implementation: deciding how to act on the new strategy

This planning program is then followed by monthly review sessions.

We believe that the knowledge about and the solution to your current organizational difficulties are within your group.

Organizational Training Services

Public and in-house training programs in the Technology of Participation (ToPTM) facilitation approach and custom designed leadership training programs. Recent programs include: Group Facilitation Methods, Participatory Strategic Planning, Towards a Philosophy of Participation, Methods of Self Directed Change, Leader as Facilitator, Imaginal Education Lab.