Open Space Technology

Facilitator Training

Discover a new way of facilitating meetings that enhances communication, generates innovation, builds strategy and resolves conflict in organizations and communities

World-Class OST Training and Practice Workshop
15-16 August 2002 (Thursday-Friday) from 9am -5.30pm
at BEC Conference Center, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
HK$1600 per person up to 31th July 2002
HK$1800 per person after 25th  July 2002

For more information and registration, contact:
Joy Ma at 9638-3198 or email
Mark Pixley at 2561-9209 or email

Organized by The Institute of Cultural Affairs Ltd. and
sponsored by the Business Environmental Council

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About Open Space

Create inspired organizations, where ordinary people work together to create extraordinary results with regularity.

Open Space Technology (OST) is primarily a meeting methodology for organizational transformation, as well as intentional self-organization and the practice of peace.

In Open Space meetings and events, participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions around a central theme of real importance, they could be as visionary as "the future of public education", or as practical as "how can we make this project a stunning success?"  With groups of 5 to 1000 -- working in choice of one-day workshops, three-day conferences, or the regular weekly staff meeting -- the common result is a powerful connecting of people, sharing of what is happening in the organization and strengthening of a common vision.

Since its discovery 20 years ago, it has enabled all kinds of people in different organizations to create inspired meetings and events that lead to achievement. The reason lays in the method itself:

 Training and Practice Workshop

The OST Training and Practice Workshop is a two-day summit for leaders, managers, facilitators and anyone else who wants to open more space for healing, vision, learning and productivity in their business or community organizations.

The workshop is an opportunity for deep learning ABOUT open space, IN open space and AS the facilitator/sponsor of open space. It's a seamless blend of training and consulting, learning and doing, theory and practice. It's also an opportunity to create and establish a local practice group that can support the practice and growth of Open Space.

The workshop will be led by Michael Herman, an international leader in the practice of OST, a student and colleague of OST originator Harrison Owen, and the principal consultant for Michael Herman Associates.

Who should come?

Leaders, managers and facilitators working with very complex issues, requiring the cooperation of diverse stakeholders, where conflict is quite possible if not already present, and where their is an urgent need for right action. And anyone else who is looking for a way to get beyond business as usual, for better, faster and cheaper results on our most important issues and opportunities.

What Will Happen?

You will learn about and begin to practice Open Space. This will take place almost entirely in Open Space, so the days will be full, the spirit high, the learning fast and the applications immediate.

Each day will start and end with a practice-specific briefing and dialogue that will serve to bound and contextualize our time and experience in Open Space.

The first day will be all about the SPIRIT of Open Space. Our theme will be "Inviting Organization" and we'll spend the day wrestling with the deeper meaning of what it means to live and work in Open Space.

Text Box: The following website documents a OST meeting held in HK in August 2000

The second day will be all about the PRACTICE of Open Space Technology. Our theme will be "Organizing Invitation" and our focus will be the creation of invitations, invitation lists, program designs and follow-up plans for as many meetings, projects and situations as you care to work on.

The result is that all participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the OST practice, specific plans to apply it in as many situations as they choose to work on, AND a number of local colleagues who can offer ongoing guidance and encouragement.

Meaning For Today

More than ever before, in all kinds of business and community organizations, we are realizing that we are living in Open Space... where the old ways just aren't working anymore, and the new ways haven't started yet. As the political leaders and news media blather on about how things will never be the same, consider the possibility that some things might actually be better, deeper, easier. Open Space is the potential for understanding and the practice of creating these new ways of being.

How to Prepare?

Reading and Reflection. As part of the workshop you will receive a complimentary copy of the book, OST: A User's Guide by Harrison Owen. Some other resources to help you prepare are listed below. In the course of your review, make a list of meetings, events, projects and other situations in your life where Open Space might help both people and information get moving again.

Books written by Harrison Owen, published by Berrett-Koehler and available through most bookstores and online booksellers:

Open Space Technology: A User's Guide* (given free with the workshop, but see what people say about it on Amazon)
Expanding Our Now
The Power of Spirit
The Spirit of Leadership

Books and pages written/edited by Michael Herman and published in the Open Space section of

Inviting Organization: Evolution is Now and Open Space
OST: A User's Non-Guide (by 37 practitioners from around the world)
Stories, invitations and links offered in the OST section of

Workshop Agenda

Day One

  • Welcome, Introductions, Agenda
  • Morning Plenary: What is Open Space Technology?
  • (Introduction)
  • OPEN SPACE: Inviting Organization - The Spirit of Open Space
  • Afternoon Plenary: What is Open Space?
  • (Implications)
  • Evening News

Day Two

  • Morning Announcements
  • Morning Plenary: Talking About Open Space
  • (Framing/Preparation)
  • OPEN SPACE: Organizing Invitations - The Practice of Open Space
  • Afternoon Plenary: Beyond the Event
  • (Closing and Converging)
  • Closing Circle


This program will be held at the Business Environment Council Conference Center, Jockey Club Environmental Building, 77 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.  This can be reach by MTR/KCR at the Kowloon Tong Station.


Open Space Technology

Facilitator Training


World-Class OST Training and Practice Workshop
15-16 August (Thursday-Friday) from 9am -5.30pm
at BEC Conference Center, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

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