Outcast in your own Society

How would you feel if every day
You were discriminated against?

How would you stay calm and
resist  Aids for nine years?

Life can be horrible.  Every day, somewhere, the Human Spirit stretches to its limits.  Yet sufferers manage to inspire themselves and their friends that life, somehow, can be made wonderful.

Share with others the problem of facing up to pain.

Contribute your experiences.

Friday, 23 November 2001, 8:00 pm

Presentation and discussion led by “Albert”

At the Woodside Gallery and Concert Hall
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

In English and Cantonese

For additional information: 2561-9209 / icahk@hkstar.com

Collection for Aids Cure

The Woodside, Mt. Parker Road, Quarry Bay

If you get off at the Tai Koo Shing MTR Station, take the King’s Road exit.  From there you can easily catch a taxi up to Mt. Parker Road/Woodside.  The taxi driver may initially hesitate to go up Mt. Parker Road, but it is allowed.

Alternative:  You can get out at the Quarry Bay MTR Station, and walk East along King’s Road until you get to Mt. Parker Road, and then walk up Mt. Parker Road.  (It will take about 15 minutes to walk up the hill.)