DATE: Saturday, October 31
TIME: 9pm-late
LOCATION: "WOODSIDE", Mt. Parker Road, Quarry Bay, HK
DOOR: HK$100 *"Fancy Dress"


This year we will have another Haunted House party at Woodside, complete with jack-o-lanterns, glowing skeletons, cobwebs and our own secret potion: the "Steaming Witch's Brew" which knocked you on your butt last year.

Some say this old house hidden away in the trees off a windy mountain road is really haunted! Well, last year all the goblins, witches, ghosts, demons and Draculas came out of the woodworks in full costume. (We also had 2 "cats-in-the-hat", and a banana tree, come to think of it.)

There will be plenty of snacks and a few kegs of beer in addition to the Witch's Brew. You are encouraged to bring your own bottle if you come late, seeing as my Scottish friends are coming, and you never know how long a keg really lasts.

As long as the spirits are flowing, though, we are going to have to charge $100 at the door this year, to finance this Madness. Any extra proceeds will go to the ongoing historical renovation of Woodside. For those of you not watching the news lately...Woodside has been given Grade II status by the Historical Buildings Commission and has been saved from demolition! This comes after a long fight wherein the Institute of Cultural Affairs was joined by The Conservancy group and the East Island Action Committee as well as the Citizens' Party, the Eastern District Board and other concerned members of the community.We encourage you to come and sign our guestbook to commemorate this event, putting your name amongst the ranks of recent visitors Gong Li, Jeremy irons, Maggie Cheung, and Jackie Cheung Hok Yau.

The scoop on invites is this: Bring whoever you want or meet your friends up here, but Please don't invite everyone you know and their dog, too. Let's call it a party for Woodside members, their friends and THEIR friends. I guess we have a lot of friends, because last year we were pretty full, with varying reports of 300-500 people turning up.

If you need directions to get up here, go to the Haunted Map or send me an e-mail and I will fax you the printed invite with map. The short of it is: take the MTR to tai Koo station, exit B, jump in a taxi and tell him Mt Parker Road....that's PA!-Ka-San-Do, for the Cantonese-impaired. You have to say the PA! with conviction or they take you to Causeway Bay I think. The house is smack-dab between Tai Koo and Quarry Bay...turn left under the flyover after McDonalds and go up the spooky winding road through the woods, past the "Hounds of Hell."...when you start to see Pumpkins, you will know you have arrived.

Needless to say, this is expected to be THE Halloween party again, so we have big things planned.Don't forget your costume! I promise not to wear the "Herb Tarlick" pants from last year.

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