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Yoga Class for Beginners

Benefits: Relaxing body & mind - Massaging inner organs - Balancing hormone secretion - Healthier Spine - More flexible body....

Class Schedule: Commencing on June 15, 1999; Every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm Class information:
1) Each class consists of six sessions, one session per week.
2) Duration of each session: 1 hour 15 minutes + 15 minutes for meditation (optional)
3) Taught in English by western instructor
Fees per session:
HK$45 (18 years old or above)
HK$32 (under18 & full-time students between 18-24; only applicable when student ID card shown)
Please share with other people who might be interested. Address:
Woodside, Mount Parker Road, Quarry Bay, HK tel: 2561-9209

For further information, please call the following numbers.
Dada 2984-7445 or 9075-2716 (English)
Mr. Young 25703457 (Chinese)

For more information send a email to