The Knowledge Management Forum in Hong Kong, August 26, 1999
Facilitated by Mark Pixley, The Institute of Cultural Affairs

What insights do you have about knowledge management in a Hong Kong context?

  • Younger generation more willing to share knowledge
  • MNC – Big promoter of Knowledge Management in Hong Kong
  • Industry related
  • Recognition for knowledge sharing has been doubtful and there exists little incentive for these initiatives
  • Leadership: tends to be hierarchical and inherently inhibit openness of information sharing
  • Time: People in Hong Kong are time compressed and tend to focus on individual work
  • Many ways of managing knowledge
  • Many definitions of knowledge
  • Reluctance to share
  • IT problem







You’re Nuts
Live or Let Die
Space Ship
Things to do Tomorrrow

Great Expectations
New Born
Who Knows Where We Land
(It can crash)

No Thrills
Status Quo
Marriage after 10 Years

Hey Day

Virtual office

The idea of "knowledge management"

Measurement of knowledge management

Distance between people shrinking

Empower employees

Learning organizations

Fixed working hours

Hoarding of knowledge

Restructure office space

Chief knowledge officer – full time


Localization of knowledge

Top down management

Using database to enhance sharing

Hierarchical structure

Life-long employees

Giving incentives to knowledge sharing initiatives

Increase in risk taking

E-platform for information exchange

Knowledge transfer

Restricted access to management information

Typical training conference

Classroom style teaching

Paper-based knowledge sharing

Value of intangible assets

Teleworking/ mobile office, virtual office

Flat structure

Pace of change getting faster

Document system

Intranet and e-mail

Audio visual means of transferring knowledge

Enterprise information system/portal

Problem database

Less specialists, more generalists

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