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Open Space Technology (OST)


Three 1-day Introductory OST Programs

24 June 2000

8 July 2000

19 August 2000


Open Space Technology Facilitator Training

2-3 September 2000



Twelve years ago, Harrison Owen organized a conference for 500 people, but he was sorely disappointed with the result.  He realized that the highest energy, when people were most productive, was during the breaks.  He decided to create an effective meeting structure that maintained the energy of the "coffee break."  And so, Open Space Technology was born.


From indigenous people around the globe, Harrison discovered common components in many cultures, for example, meetings happen in a circle where all are given an opportunity to speak.  Through trial and error he (re)discovered a meeting format that is being used successfully in companies, governments, and communities around the world.


An Open Space meeting has two sources of fuel, passion and responsibility.  Participants are given full opportunity to follow their passion, rather than a meeting agenda, to determine what they contribute and what they learn.  Participants also determine how much responsibility they will take, both during the meeting, and beyond.


Because people follow their passion, and determine their own level of responsibility, commitments made during the meeting have a higher likelihood of being followed through after the meeting.  At the end of an Open Space event each participant has a complete document of all the discussions, and clear next actions.


At a recent Open Space Technology meeting in Taiwan, a participant said, "When I was invited to this meeting, I thought, ‘Why should I go?  I work in product development in this company, not in service.’   I now realize that what I do is totally connected to what my colleagues in service do.  In fact, in the future, I am going to make sure to attend their regular meetings so I can better ensure that the products we create can be well serviced."


You now can learn how to facilitate an Open Space Technology meeting.  Experience and training, to be conducted in Taipei, will be from 9 am to 6 pm each day and will be bi-lingual. 




Participation in an Open Space Introductory Meeting for a day.

It is essential that you experience an Open Space Technology event before you facilitate an OST meeting.    We will be offering one-day Open Space meetings on the following dates with these topics:


                           Date                            Topic

June 24             What Can We Do To Increase Trust and Openness in Organizations?

July 8                Challenges and Opportunities to Life-Long Learning

August 19         Organizational Excellence


Two-day Open Space Technology Training (Pre-requisite is attendance in one of the 1-day Meetings)

September 2 to 3, at the Farmers Training Center in Tien Mou.  We will cover the following:

v      When is Open Space the best choice (and when it isn't)

v      Preparing yourself and the sponsor for an Open Space Event

v      Opening the space

v      The role of the Open Space Facilitator

v      Following up on the Open Space event



1-Day OST Introductory Programs   NT$ 1,000 per program  (includes lunch)

OST Training                                     NT$ 5,000 for the 2-day training program (includes lunch and materials.


 If the Introductory Program and Training Program are paid for at the same time and in advance   NT$ 5,000


We invite you to explore possibilities of releasing the passion and responsibility in the organizations and communities you care for.  The ICA is prepared to create Open Space events in your company, organization or community.  For more details call 2871-3150,   or  send email to:


Jim(bo) Clark, our trainer, has been using Open Space in meetings in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  He was trained in Open Space Technology by Birgitt Bolton-Williams, one of the world’s foremost trainers and practitioners in OST. He is passionate about transferring his skills and releasing the passion of others.