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Winning Through Participation

Winning Through Participation: Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Change with the Technology of Participation by Laura J. Spencer

Winning Through Participation is the text book for ICA's Technology of Participation (ToP) methods. Through case studies and theory, it discusses step-by-step procedures for designing and facilitating effective workshops. An introduction to ToP methods and a valuable resource for facilitators.

Available directly in Hong Kong

The Art of Focused Conversation

The Art of Focused Conversation: 100 Ways to Access Group Wisdom in the Workplace by R. Brian Stanfield, General Editor

This "how-to" book demonstrate the myriad of uses of the Focused Conversation Method in the workplace. The method has been effectively used in problemsolving, troubleshooting, coaching, research and data interpetation. Part I explains the theory of the conversation method and Part II contains 100 sample conversations designed for use in management situations.

Available directly in Hong Kong

More than 50 Ways to Build Team Concensus

More Than Fifty Ways to Build Team Consensus by R. Bruce Williams

This is a practical how-to resource book containing strategies for building consensus in teams. Suggestions are organized into the strategies of purposeful vision, participative process, individual commitment, and collaborative teams. Each activity is laid out clearly with suggestions about context and usage.

Participation Works : Business Cases from Around the World : An Anthology of Readings on Participation in Private Companies James P. Troxel (Editor)
Government Works : Profiles of People Making a Difference James P. Troxel (Editor)

Beyond Prince and Merchant

Beyond Prince and Merchant: Citizen Participation and the Rise of Civil Society Edited by John Burbidge

No longer are people willing to leave it to governments and business to lead. Citizens are seizing the initiative and reclaiming thier rightful place as the catalysts of social change.

This book gives a human face to this global phenomenon called "Civil Society." This book describes the challenges and provides inspiring examples of how these challenges are being met.

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