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How can we operate our organization productively
with authentic communication and respect?

What does Community Building in Organizations do?

  1. Introduces the practice of community building in your workplace.
  2. Provides a safe place to experience authentic communication.
  3. Creates a forum where participants learn to overcome and appreciate each other’s differences.
  4. Demonstrates a practical tool for improving relationships in your workplace and personal life.
  5. Guides participants through a 4-stage process of pseudo-community, chaos, emptiness and finally "real community".
  6. Prepares you to integrate "community building" into everyday organizational life.

Who Should Attend?

What difference can community-building really make to an organization?

ICA Taiwan has ongoing conversations within organizations in the US and Asia using CB methods in-house as a way of implementing change. They have proved CB to be valuable in responding affirmatively to the change process. One company describes CB as "how we finally were able to implement Deming's Total Quality Management.

ICA applies CB learnings in organizations to implement a systems approach to transformation. Deepening dialogue and trust enables listening to and learning from each other, necessary for a learning organization.

What is the benefit of practicing this technology of Community Building in Organizations?

"a truly healthy workplace…a place where there is authentic communication … a commitment to speak frankly and respectfully and commitment not to walk away when the going gets rough."

"The most important outcome of the workshop is the awareness of the individual habits which contribute to or block community. Community Building is the most important mission of our time."

"Community Building is a process of bonding with others. In striving for efficiency, most of us have disconnected from each other as human beings. This practice brings back that human connection."

"I strive to apply this everyday in my organization in order to communicate more effectively."

A "real community" is a group that can transcend differences, communicate openly and learn to work together toward a common goal.

Community Building in Organizations Mission:

To be conscious leaders who help organizations and individuals to:

Through this approach an organization’s performance outcomes are enhanced. Our task is to help organizations develop skills that:

ICA, The Institute of Cultural Affairs
ICA is a unique global organization of people who care for the human factor in world development. Working in Taiwan for 27 years, ICA facilitates a process of constructive change with individuals, groups and organizations.
FCE, The Foundation for Community Encouragement
FCE is a not-for-profit, educational foundation that teaches principles and values of community. The "Community Building" process was developed under the guidance and philosophy of M. Scott Peck.

NT$ 12,000, which includes lunch and all workshop materials. For organizational teams of 4 or more there is an NT$ 2000 discount for each person.

Housing optional. Single occupancy NT$2400 for 2 night s, double occupancy NT$ 1200.

Call 886-2-2871 3150 Fax: 886-2-2871 2870

Registration Form: Mail with NT$ 3,000 advance, non-refundable registration fee by July 15, 1999 to:

The Institute of Cultural Affairs, 3 F, No. 12, Lane 5, Tien Mou West Road, Taipei

Name: ___________________________________

Organization: ______________________________

Address: __________________________________


Phone: Office: ____________ Home:___________

Fax: _____________ Email: __________________

Meals: Vegetarian ?_ Non-vegetarian ?_

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Organized by the ICA Institute of Cultural Affairs Taiwan. Facilitated jointly with the FCE Foundation for Community Encouragement

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