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maurice paver - 03/13/00 02:15:49
My URL:http://www.hotmail.com
My Email:mauricepaver@hotmail.com
First look,I am needing to diversify my business interests and connections,due to current status of unemployment in my normal professional activities of Quantity Surveying and Construction Commercial Management.Accordingly I wish to identify new lines of communication/networking.

Susan Fertig-Dykes - 01/05/00 17:54:03
My Email:sfd@gmdtech.com
Great website(s) Mark! Looking goooooooood....

Patricia Tuecke - 01/04/00 16:20:18
My Email:ptglobal@winning.com
Mark, each time I visit your website, I am again impressed with the simplicity, ease of access, quality of design, and fascinating, helpful information.

Vivian Chen - 12/23/99 13:24:55
My Email:chugang@ms6.hinet.net
Hi Mark, Nice to hear from you again.I enjoyed browsing in your wetside. I am delighted to see Prestige being promoted in a professional way and we sure had some guests introduced by this special channel .Brove, Mark, you've got the credit ,hope to see you soon ag in in Millennum the same old place--Prestige. Chiao, Dear Friend. Viv

Fletch - 09/04/99 05:07:27
My Email:fletchfly@aol.com
a wealth of information...facilitation on the asian front! a website to visit and revisit. thanks!

Wang Yi - 08/09/99 05:30:29
My Email:a11202@email.mot.com
Mark, Hello from Beijing. It's great to "meet" you over the OD listserv. Your websit has so much stuff - a great resource. I have developed some interest in faciliatation and have recently taken a course by Interaction Associates on Essential Facilitation in Washington DC. My update: I did OD for a while for Motorola in China and now am working in HR to support one of the most challenging and profitable business group in China. Have also been busy with the family - got a son who is 16 months old. Please give my best to our friends Taipei. Best luck to you! Warm regards, Yi

Gloria Li-Lin Hsieh / Grace - 12/29/98 13:07:18
My Email:hergrace@mail2.intellect.com.tw
Your site is quite informative. neatly organized. But maybe a little too neat. I would prefer a little more graphic designs with colors to make the pages attractive to the eyes. If you can make sound effects, even better!! I'll check you out again.

- 12/13/98 07:18:53
this is great. Keep it up.

Echo Wang - 11/14/98 15:34:48
My Email:odiecho@hotmail.com
It looks different now. Where do you get so much energy to do this? Good job.

Bill Fisher - 11/11/98 16:15:31
My Email:renovate@mindspring.com

Emy Rosenquest - 10/29/98 06:52:48
My Email:maria.rosenquest@gte.net
Quite impressive and very interesting.

Rich Mesek - 10/21/98 07:41:02
My Email:rich.mesek@internetmci.com
Mark, check out my co-counseling page:http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/8215/coco.html rich

Grace Hsieh - 10/14/98 13:54:54
My Email:hergrace@mail2.intellect.com.tw
潘先生, 請多指教! 謝麗琳 敬上 1998/10/14

Grace Leong - 10/12/98 03:11:40
My Email:gleong007@hotmail.com
Hi Mark. Wow, I like your website - GOOD WORK !

Lydia Lee - 09/04/98 09:48:43
My Email:hrp@ms16.hinet.net
Mark, Good Job.

steve sandler - 08/31/98 19:59:39
My Email:you got it
so when are you inviting us

Beth Kintanar - 08/13/98 14:32:39
My Email:bettmartin@hotmail.com
Mark, I'm impressed.

Imtiaz Sayed - 08/10/98 21:06:06
My URL:http://www.sayed.com
My Email:sayed@sayed.com
Mark: Great site. I hope you visit the next time you are in New York/ New Jersey. I gave Beth your e-mail plus web address, did she contact you ? Regards.

Yunning - 07/31/98 11:42:58
My URL:http://www.ctxopto.com
My Email:yun@ctxopto.com.tw
dear Mark, I would like to meet you sometime these two weeks. I really love your home page. I am also glad that you dedicate on your career. We can get together to chat. my home no. 02-2873-1537 Sandy

Echo Wang - 07/29/98 10:52:05
My Email:echo_wang@edelman.com
Mark, This is really cool. It looks various, interesting, colorful,... I like it.

R Flaten - 07/26/98 20:22:01
My Email:flaten@stolaf.edu
Good to hear from you. Keep in touch

Marv Weisbord - 07/23/98 13:56:30
My URL:http://www.searchnet.org
My Email:marvw@compuserve.com
Mark, nice to visit and to see how much stuff you have integrated in one place. Good work! Glad to have you as a colleague in SearchNet. Regards, Marv

Jacy Hsiung - 07/23/98 04:13:04
My Email:jacy@comax.com.tw

roma - 07/23/98 01:31:25
My Email:roma.mehta@usa.net

Jo Chang - 07/22/98 15:47:18
My Email:jochang@ms6.hinet.net
Mark, Go on and keep it. Again, surprised by your endless energy. With best regards, Jo

yogesha - 07/22/98 14:12:40
My URL:http://www.sinica.edu.tw/~ananda
My Email:yogesh@ms9.hinet.net
Namaskar, You have done a good job.

Wolfgang Schubert - 07/22/98 01:26:07
My URL:http://www.web-asia.com.tw
My Email:taiwanmac@aol.com
Great work of a tireless chap!

Yvonne Charng - 07/22/98 00:58:35
My Email:yvonne38@ms10.hinet.net
Hello! Nice to see you on the web. Have a cheerful day. Yvn

Thomas W. - 07/21/98 23:35:50
My Email:thomas@thomasweb.com
New site looks great! Lots of interesting links. As usual, Mark is involved in one hundred different activities; where does he get the energy?

Meng-Kai Chen - 07/21/98 20:08:57
My Email:mkc@ms1.hinet.net
Nice website! Will take a good look at it.

Joy Pastor - 07/21/98 14:33:27
My Email:pastor.joie@skyinet.net
Congratulations!!! This is definitely impressive. Keep it up and more luck to your chosen endeavor.

Jimmy Yang - 07/21/98 14:06:06
My Email:jimmy_yang@hotmail.com
I just came in to say Hi!

Didi Ananda Krsnaprema - 07/21/98 13:25:12
Good work Mark, and a nice website too!

Mark Pixley - 07/17/98 17:03:53
My Email:mjpixley@ficnet.net
Looking great. Keep up all the good work. Best, Mark

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