Hong Kong Total Quality Forum No. 71, June 13, 2000

Organizational Transformation: The Methods of Self Directed Change Presented by Mark Pixley, ICA


Years of Experience

What is creating a need to change in our organizations?

Service Industry


Need to stay ahead of competition

Diversified Service Industry


Disappearance of market barriers

Passion Toward People


Increasing customer expectations

Strong Technical Background


Organizational restructuring

Young and Energetic


Change of statutory requirements

Can’t Count


Change of technology

Quality Customer Service


Lower profit Margins



Pressure for higher productivity



Need to localize



What actions can we take right now to deal with these challenges?

Look at Yourself in the Midst of Change

Leveraging External Resources Through Networking

Improve Internal Processes

Catch Up with the Technology

Match Skills to the Job

Satisfy internal and external customers

Communicate at All Levels

Clear internal communications

Build up good network

Redefine work process

Browse IT websites


Conduct a customer survey

Set up business improvement teams

To accept change

Form alliances create win-win win

Customize services and programs

Use a computer

Acquire sound business partner

Track improvement and reward high performance

Get buy in from the workforce

Extend facility Management to library

Have coffee with IT manager


Attend a computer course

Quit my job

Run survey programs

Prepare mindset for change workshop

Multi-skills “job enrichment”

Listen and communicate


Take an e-commerce course

Organize change management course


Communication sessions to all staff

Accept the Change in the organization

Reward innovative ideas


Buy a PC for own use

Capitalize the intellectual assets


Voice out Suggestions





Right people, right place