Results of the
ROC Toastmasters Council Future Search Conference

Sunday, June 27, 1999


Focus on Past:Toastmasters in ROC, You in Toastmasters, Global
Focus on Present: Trends Mindmap, Prouds/Sorries
Focus on Future: Ideal Future Scenarios, Common Ground for Future, Common Ground Focus Areas
Focus on Action: Action Plans

Information on FutureSearch and Links

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June 28, 1999

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

I want to thank you for your participation in the ROC Toastmasters Council Future Search. Your ideas and willingness to share made this an incredible learning experience. You made it happen! Following is the documentation of our work.

The challenge now is how to take the ideas we discussed and make them a reality.


Mark Pixley, ATM

The Institute of Cultural Affairs
Woodside, Mt. Parker Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2561-9209 Fax: 852-2562-1195 email:

Focus on Past
Time Line and Patterns


1980 to 1989

1990 to 1994

1995 to present


1960 Tainan TM chartered

1963: Kaohsiung TM chartered.

A report about TM in China Post

1981:Taipei TM sponsored all-islandwide speech contest to recruit new members. CTM Yu yuh-chao won the champion and NT$10.

1984: Bing-bing Lin served as president of Taipei TM. ICRT General Manager Craig Quick was invited to Taipei TM> ICRT started to announce TM activity, increasing publicity, thus the membership "boosted". Thus, we established China TM and other clubs.

1985: Prestige TM chartered.

1985: China TM chartered – sponsored by Bing-Bing Lin.

1989: Sunshine TM was chartered.

1989: Innovative TM established.

ROC council in operation.

1992: Excellence TM established.

1993: Elite TM Established.

1994: Taipei TM Presidents gathering

1995: Chungli TM Chartered.

1995: Formosa TM established.

1995: Council training program by MP

1995: International President invited to Taiwan.

1995: 10th Anniversary of Prestige.

3-96: National Tall Tale speech contest hosted by Area 5.

1996: Happy Life TM founded.

1996: NLFD TM established.

1996: Happy renewal.

1997: Legacy Chartered.

1997: NTU TM chartered.

3-98: 1st Japanese speaking club established.

5-98 Tien Mu TM chartered

1998: China TM was awarded as Selected Distinguished Club.

1998 Intl Presidents Len Jurry/Benny Bough visited Taiwan.

1998: Sunrise was chartered in May (Sunshine sponsored)

1998: Tien Mou Chartered.

1998: NTU 1st Club Speech Contest.

Tainan Club was winner of Island wide speech contest

1998: New Born! NTOU & NTOU professional chartered.

1998-1999: China won Distinguished Club.

4-99: Handshake with Japan TM established.

5-99: 25 members to Pansean 99 – District 51 convention.

6-99: Area #5 host officer training

1999 Sunshine 10th Anniversary.

1999 TM Diamond Jubiliee (75th anniversary)

1999: Attend PanAsia convention in Singapore on Malaysia.

1999: International President Terry Dailey visited Pan Pacific.

1999: Spark TM chartered.

1999: Extra: The Keelung Toastmasters all clubs have joined the installation in together.

1999: Happy Life: have joint installation ceremony with NTOU & NTOU Professionals.

Uly/Tien Mou International Speech Contest.

There are four new clubs chartered in Area 5.

  • There have been many TMs clubs established. TM clubs is booming in Taiwan.
  • After 1995, more clubs (4) chartered in Southern Taiwan.
  • After 1995, more interaction with HQ and other districts.
  • Toastmasters blooming since 1995
  • Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese clubs established.
  • Increased club interaction.
  • New born clubs keep coming up.
  • Long live clubs growing to celebrate.
  • Acceptance of TM and growth.
  • Diversity of different languages.
  • Variety in program development.
  • Learn from constructive and positive contests and competitions.
  • The more TM club increased and extended to campus, the members are younger than before.



1980 to 1989

1990 to 1994

1995 to present


Harry Fong joined China TM.

Billy Shyu read a report about TM in China Post.

1979: John Lee was borned.

1985: Discovered TM in Los Angeles –new found treasure.

1987: Harrison Lee joined Taipei TM.

1989: Candy Liao joined Sunshine TM.

Billy Shyu first visit TM.

Learned TM club from ICRT.

1990: Harry Fong President of China TM, sponsored Excellence, Mentor TTIC.

1991: Harrison Lee as Taipei Club President.

4-92: George Yen & Jorie Wu get married.

1992: Joined TM officially, Temple City, CA. Felt that colleges should make it a core requirement subject/activity to graduate. Immigrants should be encouraged to join, especially foreign students should join to help themselves adjust to the local environment.

1992: Harrison Lee as Asst. Area


1993: Tina Liu first time heard of "TM" and joined China TM 5 years later.

1993: Richard Yeh joined China TM.

1993: Harrison Lee Area 7 Governor.

1994: Harrison Lee as PR Officer for council.

Frank Lee Area Governor (Chinese) in Toronto Canada.

Created "I love me" Club.

Billy Wu joined TTIC, NlFD, and Innovative clubs last year, took part in the speech contest and became a new president of Innovative club.

Billy Shyu Governor of Area 1.

Bing Bing Lin, DTM sponsored 7 clubs: China, Formosa, Happy Life, ICBC-Taipei, NTU, NTOU, NTOU Professionals.

Lily introduced to TienMou TM by Sufen Wong.

Jenny Hsu served as Deputy VPM for China TM.

Fidelia Kuo serves as secretary in NTOU TM.

Frank Lee placed second in Tall Tale.

1995: Joined China Toastmaster and then served as EVP, MVP, and now President.

5-96: Candy Liao became CTM.

1996: Shirly Chang joined Sunshine and served as EVP, Area 3 Asst. Governor.

1996-1997: Invited twice to be judge for the All Japan TM Speech contest. – Bing-bing Lin.

5-97: Shelly Chou delivered Ice Breaker.

1997: Lily joined the internet workshop.

1997: Shelly Chang joined TM, change my life.

1997: Carah Chen graduates from school.

1997: The only person in Taiwan awarded the plaque "Sponsoring 5 new TM Clubs." Bing-bing Lin, DTM.

1997-1998: Gloria Kao is Area 1 speech contest champion.

4-98: Brace Shih won first runner up in Council speech contest.

1998: Lily – white elephant sale at Tien Mou TM.

1998: Lily - #3 speech in demonstration meeting for supporting electric Company TM club.

1998: Carah Chen joins Tien Mou TM Club

1998: Shirly Chang becomes chartered member of YSTC TM.

1998: I joined the club.

1998: Harrison Lee serves as Legacy TM President and North Division Governor.

Tracy Yang Joined YSTC

1998: Grace Shieh paced 2nd in speech contest and became CTM.

1998-1999: Richard Yeh served as President of China TM.

2-99: Jorie Wu DTM

1999: Carrie W joined Excellence TM.

1999: Linda Wu as Excellence President.

1999: Mornia join happy club – it’s a good club.

1999: Jean Wang graduated from Tung Hai University and go abroad to study.

1999: Irene Lan first CTM produced at NTOU.

1999: Jackson Hsieh joined Prestige TM and Happy Club. Serve as PRVP of Happy Club.

1999: Juno Chu is first Chinese CTM.

1999: Alan Yu joined Spark TM.

1999: Kevin Lim joined Spark TM.

1999: Interview by China Post.

1999: I become President of the club.

1999: Susan Wu new president of Spark TM.

1999: Lydia Huang as part of debating group won in house debate contest, won the 1st place in Island-wide JPN speech contest, won the best dresser prize in All Japan speech contest.

1999-2000: Richard Yeh serves as Council Secretary.

  • More clubs exchanging events and brings all as a family.
  • More and more individuals are aware of the importance of self-importance.
  • TM has grown fast in terms of diversity (more languages, more contests, or activities.)
  • More interaction or activities in clubs – councils – districts.
  • More new and talented members attend Toastmasters club.
  • More self development in terms of communication and leadership.
  • More people involved in TM activities.
  • Personal growth in TM.
  • Those who dare challenge themselves and grab chances gain even more.
  • To share with others, make both get more.
  • Different person focus on different interest/event.
  • You in TM is rather related to personal experience


GLOBAL: What happened? (Why important?)

1980 to 1989

1990 to 1994

1995 to present


Oct . 1929: World’s first tall tales champion Dr. Ralph Smedley was awarded by his wife . His tall tales speech title: "Make It Happen"

1978: Taiwan leaves the United Nation.

1988: Mr. Heirich Wang brought Glass Studio Movement from USA to Taiwan R.O.C.

1989: Berlin Wall falls.

1989: Tienanman Incident.

1989: Yugoslavia disintegrates.

1990: Soviet Union disintegrates into 15 countries.

1990: Advent of the internet.

1991: Iraq invaded Kuwait.

1991: Gulf War.

1992: The first (democratic) public election of president in ROC.

1994: CAL crashed in Ngoya.

1994: Michael Jordan retires from NBA.

Thousand Island Lake disaster in Mainland China.

1995: The first public election

1996: Barings event.

1997: Hong Kong goes back to China.

1997: Serious Financial crisis in China.

1998: Clinton affairs.

1998: City mayor election – Mayor Ma.

1998: "Titanic" movie broke the box office record.

7--99: Taipei Times established.

1999: China Post, Taiwan News, Taipei News compete in Taiwan English newspapers.

1999: Kosovo War.

1999: Internet becomes the most.

12-99: Macau will be back to Mainland China.

The internet begins to be popular.

Optical communication is fulfilled.

  • Interests are becoming more diverse.
  • Our world is becoming more and more democratic.
  • Internet gets popular.
  • International directors visiting Taiwan.
  • Accelerating change.
  • The advent of global village.
  • The age of discontinuity.

 Focus on Present
Trends Affecting Our Future Mindmap

ROCTMFS Trends Mindmap

Focus on Present

Proudest Prouds

Sorriest Sorries

  • Female Leadership Area #7 – Area Governor and four presidents are all ladies.
  • Joining and contributing to Toastmasters.
  • Winner of National Debate Contest.
  • TM achievements recognized by mass media.
  • Brought over TM experience from North America to Taiwan successfully – Frank Lee
  • Established two clubs at once.
  • 5 new clubs chartered in Area 5 in the past 2 years and Area 5 placed 2nd in Speech contest (1998, 1999) and 1st in Tall Tales contest (1998).
  • Being an active member and officer of one’s own club.
  • Working with many talented people to achieve good quality and good performance.
  • Membership loss.
  • Not enough male members.
  • Losing members.
  • Not establishing Professional Toastmasters – MP
  • Did not fully utilize the resources in TM training.
  • Cannot attend the meetings regularly.
  • Not proactive enough in club’s activities and one’s goal.
  • Only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.
  • Jokes nobody understands.

  Focus on Future
Ideal Future Scenario

What would ROC Toastmasters look like if it were working at its best 3 years from now?

Scenario #1

Scenario #2

Scenario #3

2002 District 77 Convention

Outstanding club

Outstanding Leaders






Youth Program

  1. Vision
  • Quantity: above 100 clubs
  • Quality: 60% distinguished clubs
  • Stretch out business units
  • Integrate the skills into daily life and work
  1. Barriers
  • Low exposure to the society
  • Passive attitude (lack of confidence) for possible speaking
  • Few support from businessmen
  • Conservative attitude/Quality of program
  1. Overcome
  • Demonstrate TM skills in daily work
  • More encouragement, involvement
  • Invite the bosses to join TMC
  • Generate programs that enhances the daily practices for member.

Scenario #4

Scenario #5

Scenario #6

  • Area – Marriage
  • Unity in diversity
  • Cooperation and Joint activities with Area
  • Sponsorship
  • Intra-Area activities
  • Sponsorship of new clubs in all fields
  • Advanced clubs
Club: Maintain 30 members and sponsor one club

To Overcome Barriers: Take initiative

Area: 8-10 clubs in area

To O/C: Get presidents and club commitment

ROC District: Practice parliamentary procedure in all clubs, such that other organizations regard us as ROLE MODEL!

To O/C: Training and practice

Mentoring: A mutual learning opportunity

To O/C: Take initiative – mentor and mentee

Speech Contest – 1. Winner internationally 2. Int’l president and ROC top ranking leaders "plead" to speak in our convention.

To O/C: Recruit President Lee as TM, sell him on benefit of TI Training (e.g. Get rid of his ah’s)

Training: Writing workshops, pronunciation workshops, mentor skills training, table topics training/marathon, parliamentary procedures in action

Future Search Conference

  • Bungee Jumping Promotion
  • Super Yelling Promotion
  • Toastmasters Scuba Diving Marriage Ceremony
  • Beauty pageant: Miss/Mr./ Mom/Dad Toastmasters
  • Toastmasters Credit Card
  • Toastmasters Academy (to replace Dale Carnegie Institute)

Toastmasters Marriage Making Committee

Marriage-proposing speech workshop

Gay Lesbian Toastmasters clubs establishment

ROC District sponsors community libraries with toastmasters monthly magazines and joke collection

Toastmasters passport

Toastmasters Joke Marathon yearly

Split of club over 50 active members

Publish collection of jokes by each club.

Aboriginal Tribes Toastmasters clubs in ROC

Toastmasters TV channel/radio station

Toastmasters credit card

Nude camp toastmasters convention

Post marriage PH (Peace and Happiness) workshop

Scenario #7

Scenario #8

Scenario #9

  1. With English lesson to be mandatory in two wears from elementary school we could have a lot more TM clubs established and chartered in High School (Definitely more than council targeted number 66)
  2. To divide TM clubs into several divisions and run a contest every 3 months in terms of tall tale, speech, debate contest and rate all the clubs. Their most 3 poor performance club have the right to recruit "MVP" (Most valuable player) from top 3 best performance club and win the contest in the next competition. Just like baseball leagues do.
  3. However the barriers wold be encountered such as efficiency in leadership and teamworks and management of the club.
  4. The solution is first getting good leadership training, secondly coordination of teamwork must be strengthened to share the responsibility so that more members could be involved.
  5. How to promote TMS effectiveness.
  • To visit companies and make publicity of the club activities thru mass media.
  • Networking all talented members in different professions. Networking system will help them influence people around them. Incentive will be provided.
  • To hold demo meetings for those potential communities.
  1. A strong and healthy and fast growing district
  • Rapid growth
  • More joint activities locally and international linkages
  • Lowered age limit (under 18) allowing young student to join.
  • World class speaker sponsorship (Taiwan foremost speakers bureau
  1. Time energy and money limitations
  • Membership growth
  • Fund raising
  • Maximum utilization of members talents
  1. Time Magazine cover story
  • "The Miracle of Toastmasters Movement in Taiwan"
  1. More and more memberships
  2. More creative variety section in each meeting
  3. Warmer atmosphere
  4. More and more CTM
  5. Increase attendance rate
  6. Members more familiar with speech manual
  7. Provide necessary resources for each meetings
  8. More outing activities
  9. Area Governor should visit each club often
  10. Most successful District in the World
  11. Holding international event in Taiwan
  12. More systematic training program for new members
  13. Officer training
  14. More joint training with TM from neighboring clubs
  15. Workshop certificates


Common Ground for the Future

International Recognition as a Distinguished District

Sponsoring New Clubs for Speedy Growth

Effective Communication Through Technology

Creative Meetings Based on Fun

Maximize Learning and Share with Others

Toastmasters Cares

To pass a resolution to support council to become a district

Sponsor a new club

Expand internet use

More fun in TM activity

Encourage senior members to conduct training

Toastmasters charity card

Becoming district is like being married (to get respect and recognition.)

Sponsoring new club is like giving birth to a baby. But it has less trouble and cheaper and sense of achievement.

Set-up a TMs hot line

In-house show business - creativity and variety in programs, theme meeting

More training – basic organizational structure, educational program, parliamentary/officer training

Deliver the TM spirit to underdeveloped country

Getting international exposure

Rapid growth membership

Balance resource in Taiwan TM community

Be like a family

Life mentor


Become a distinguished district

Sponsor clubs in all fields


Publish joke books with number

Distinguished club program – CTMs, membership retention and growth


Becoming a district

Develop more youth leadership program


Varieties are expected


TM in education system


Diversity of activities




More interactions between TM (no unhappy marriage)


Common Ground Focus Areas


Creative Meetings Based on Fun


Int’l Recognition as a Distinguished District

Maximize Learning and Share with Others


Sponsoring New Clubs for Speedy Growth

Effective Communication Through Technology

Toastmasters Cares

Focus on Action


Toastmasters Care

Creative Meetings Based on Fun

Sponsoring New Clubs for Speedy Growth

  1. For members
  1. Monthly birthday celebration.
  2. To promote clubs interactions.
  3. Recognition and appreciation.
  1. For Family
  1. To express concern over special events.
  2. To bring family members to join club activities.
  1. For Society
  1. To support camps clubs in English related activities.
  2. Sponsoring English activities to different communities such as public speaking
  3. Publication materials released in public i.e. Libraries, mass media.
Short Term
  • Guest speaker
  • Joint meeting
  • "I want to say" session
  • Set-up of room (relax)
  • Theme (help diversity intro.)
  • Birthday celebration.
  • (funny) new members induction.
  • Announcement on members special events.
  • Story sharing
  • Viewpoint
  • Word of the Day.
  • Describe a picture
  • Blessing
  • Story relay
  • Training on humor.
  • Quiz session.
  • Role play.
  • Job interview

Long Term

  • Auction
  • Evaluation based on video
  • Newsletter
  • Outdoor activity
  • Karaoka
  • Masqurade (costume)
  • Bring your child.
  • Potluck
  • Paraphrase
  • Drama, skit
  • Debate
  • Backward meeting
  • Watch video from professional speaker.
  • Team coaching evaluation.
  • Charade
3mth Plan
  1. Strategic Planning Whom/who/where/how to sponsor new club.
  1. Initiate/motivate people to sponsor new clubs by trophy, award.
  2. People invite people/core charter members/club officers.
  3. After 10 core charter members found start to have demo meeting to recruit another 10 members


  1. To split current clubs > 50 members at least.
  2. Presitge (>58 members)

    China (>60 members)

    Sunshine (>60 members)

    Consensus. Finance for dual membership for splitting clubs.

  3. Identify who/where/hwo to sponsor clubs.

Working plan/Area governors/club president/club sponsors etc.

3 year plans

  1. To sponsor another 22 clubs to 66 clubs in 2 years.
  2. Explore the possiblity to recruit/to sponsor new clubs from Rotary Club/Lion Club/Company/Community.
  3. To sponsor more club of Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese speaking clubs.


Members Innovative TM -Helen Huang, Ronald Lin; CEEI TM – John Chau; NTU – Allie Chan, Yugo Wang; NTOU – Darren Yeah, John Lee, Fidelia Kuo; China TM – Richard Yeh; Legacy TM – Steve Tung Happy TM – Kevin Yang; Formosa – Billy Shyu; Happy Life – Johnny Chen; Suhshine – Candy Liao; China TM - Jenny Hsu, Lydia Huang, Amy Chen; Yuan San TM – Tracy Yang, Shirley Cheng; Spark – Alan Yu; YWCA TM – Gloria Kao; Hsin Chu TM – Chris Chang; Prestige TM – Paul Lee; Legacy TM – Frank Lee, Leana Yu Bing-Bing Lin; Prestige & Happy – Belinda Chao, Nancy Huang, Jackson Hsieh; PTC – Celia Shu, Melody Tu; Spark TM – Susan Wu

Effective Communication Through Technology (Modernize Communication Skills)

Learning and Sharing by Others

To Become an Internationally Recognized Distinguished District

Actions Three months
  • 2/3 members of each club to use computers.
  • Train members to use email in club.
  • Promote equal opportunity/in club training.
  • Area governors own a mobile phone for easy access.

Three year

  • Set up homepage for individual clubs.
  • Set up TM data bank.
  • Video documentation of training program.
Short Term
  1. New member orientation.
  2. Strengthen mentor system.
  3. Effective training.
  4. Scheduled assignment for every member
  5. Distinguished club planning.
  6. Club calender.

Long Term

  1. Monthly in-house training of one subject.
  2. Quarterly joined meeting.
  3. Every club become distinguished one
  4. Every club have new member kit.
3 mth short term actions
  • Verify the status to determine if enough clubs are in good standing (35+) – July by Lt. Gov – Marketing.
  • Club President endorsement (35+) by August, approved by Executive Committee Meeting (Area Gov. and above)
  • District forming committee members visit clubs and explain.
  • Approval from council meeting in November. (Club Presidetn/VPE and above.)

Long Term Actions

  • Submit application to HQ and club president endorsement by end of November/early December by Council.
  • Seek help from past In’tl presidents/District 75, 51.
  • Provisional District in July 2000, awarded by TM HQ.
Members Doris Liu, Dexter Lai, Bill Wu, Grace Shih, Anna Hu, Serena Lee, Harrison Lee Tien Mou TM - George Yen, Sylvia Chang, Lily; Sunshine – Shirley Chang; Happy TM – Daniel Hsia; Prestige TM – David "Maverick" Wang, Esther Lin, Jorie Wu; BID TM – Vicky Lee; Chung Li TM - Cathy Wang; KTC - Debbie Tai; Spark TM – Keven Jui; NLFD TM – John Chen China TM – Gordon Brooks, Shelly Chou; Prestige TM – Steve Wu; Tao Yuan TM – Jerry Ma; Sunshine TM – Tina Liu, Mike Wang; CECI TM – Jean Wang, Tony Yuan; Sunrise TM; Kaohsiung TM



One thing Which I Really Appreciated about this conference was:

One thing which would improve this conference is:

1. Wonderful facilitators. 2. Good meeting setting.

The brainstorming was great, and everyone sure came up with brilliant ideas. It’s superb!

Meeting experienced Toastmasters and learning from them.

All the words on wall were we make it ourselves!

Senior member facilitation and guidance.

Innovative, creative, brain-storming, information dynamic, also diverse ideas on running a club.

Interesting program which is quite different experience from what I had joined before. This conference helps me on quicker learning, thinking on various way and how to be more concentrated on brainstorm session. I got to push myself on creating ideas and industrious learning.

Well controlled process.

Future presentation by group, creativity and talents and synergy were evident. One can truly envision the future.

"You guys are great" Let’s do it again soon.

The process of facilitation and how it works to establish common ground and shared vision.

Get approach to come up with some great creative ideas about improvements of future meetings.

Talk with others and learn many different things from them.

To meet all members in Taiwan

The brainstorming approach, people participating style, re-group form time to time to help meet more people and expose different thinking logic.

Involvement by the participants. Great job, thank for your help, all the best.

1. Learning a different way of doing training, 2. Good way to get concensus.3. Well preparation beforehand.

Know a lot of wonderful people that we might get support from in the future.

Experience sharing with other club and brainstorming with different people. (Food is good, by the way.) Really good preparation was apparent-esp. the conference manual.

I learned from different members in this training. All the members are from different clubs, places and ages.

Get together with so many enthusiastic TMs here again making me feel refreshing. I drew strength from participating in this meeting.

Know more about TM and people. TM is really a big family. We can connect the world through English and the approach is to join TM.

1. Meet professional and senior people who are full of experience. 2. Good lunch 3. Meet other students clubs of TM. 4. I really appreciate for having this opportunity to join such conference to be part of search for future. Although I have less experience than others.

To have more opportunities to exchange ideas with people from other clubs. To know more about the Toastmasters club.

I gained many ideas for adding fun to club meetings, which are practical and off-hand. We should be able to adopt in China’s meeting in very near future.

Our host was doing a great job during the conference. I felt so comfortable and learned something I don’t know before.

The conference has widen my sight. Good to be in this conference. There are a lot for me to learn in the TMC. However we also need support from senior TMC.

I met so many officers coming from different clubs. It’s really a great help to my club’s future meetings.

Knew some friends in other clubs.

Everyone works together participated and respected. The process is great.

The topic of today’s meeting is very creative, and interesting. We can learn a lot from today’s meeting.

Everyone give his/her opinion to all discussion and we share all the results on the wall.

Met many distinguished Toastmasters here.

We all learn from each other not only listening but also discussions with different group of participants, so that we can share the idea widely.

I’ve learned how to conduct a successful future search conference (because no one fallen asleep and all participants gave their ideas in each item.)

1. All in participation of a collectively creative conference. 2. Excellent job! Excellent facilitator for Mark Pixley & Jane Lewis. 3. Tremendously high productivities if you see all those flip charts attached on the wall.

Thanks you all for devoting your wisdom, time, energy to make this happen. The 3 year/3 months visions motivate people and help the TMs to move fowards together integrativley.

Thank council give us a successful training. We learn from each other and grow through training. I wish we have more this kind of training to exchange our experience in the future. Thanks a lot.

1. Great workshop, 2. Tasty food & drinks, 3. Thanks to all the people who help to make it happen.

Team work. Always joined the different group discuss the topic together and the things we talked has ability to carry out. As well as share different point of view of each other.

Group dynamics stimulate ideas, Brainstorming, Good atmosphere.

1. The valuable concepts in organizing an effective and educational training program. 2. To get a large number of ideas from different TM’s on each issue discussed. 3. To get clear picture of the trend of ROC council movement.

Inexpensive yet inspirational (thanks to the coordinators, facilitators) and enjoyable (especially the buffet bar prepared by Athena Lien, Shelly Chou, Thomas Chen.)

We talk a lot about Toastmasters and let me know how to make a club successful. I really get a lot this time.

Provides clearer picture/sense of direction for members to action.

Opening up the practice of sharing in problem solving and planning in Taiwan. Not so much from the top-down anymore. Hope awareness increases to point of becoming a common tool.

Toastmasters Cares.

1. A very good chance for brainstorming. 2. A good opportunity to know other clubs and officers.

Define the participants as early as possible.

A few more breaks would be welcome.

Time control.

Area 6 did not show in this wonderful conference. What pity is!

Venue be more convenient ie. Within downtown Taipei.

The schedule is a quite short. 2 days and 1 night schedule would be better.

Suggest suitable dressing before members attending the meeting. Ask attendees to turn off all pagers and mobile phones before meeting end.

Would’ve been better if there was a social session for participants.

Introduction too long and not able to remember, could be more creative!

Price could be a little bit higher in the future. If the cost and the expense is not balanced.

The afternoon session is a bit slow, can be tightened up and livened up a bit.

1 hour lunch break is needed.

Refreshment can be better.


To get all clubs involves early, consider faxing the invitation to all club president early.

Time for afternoon program is a little too long.

More time for sharing the action points with the group. People would like to know it, in addition to just receiving email or fax later.

Time seem a little too long.

More confidence and feel more comfortable speak English in the public.

Break more during the meeting so we can have the chance to talk/share with other members.

Topic should be more focused.

We could have the conference schedule in advance, even the whole content, or some of the new officers won’t know exactly what we discuss.


It will be more efficient to learning if we have more breaks during the whole day activities and get refreshed.

More attention from attendance during common group for the future (During the grouping process and naming process.)

Some topic is not clear, but almost is good.

You may add some speeches related to these topics.

1. Focus on fixed topics (most important), 2. Inviting more clubs to join.

Had better to have a free lunch hour without specific topics to discuss during the lunch eating!

Lesson the dose of lunch box.

The opening session of self-introduction was too long. Thus we were behind the agenda/schedule.

With little background music for different sessions of the workshop will help attendants to subconsciously involved with the whole programs.

Please give us hand out before. Please let me know the mission and then we can prepare earlier.

I didn’t get the notice from my e-mail box until 6/26 evening I called our president. But fortunately still get squeezed into my schedule.

Can put on the club name on individual name card or use different color card in order to get familiar with other TM immediately and have deep memory.

Increase participant numbers. Have two-day workshop to include some group activities.

1. Each session can be shorten a little bit. 2. Using transparency more so that people can read/see clearly.

Because there is a few campus club, sometime I feel is not so suitable for us.

About ideal future scenario, its advisable to break down into focus groups to work on levels of club, area, district, mentoring training so more in-depth coverage/report is to merge for the group level

Just an idea. Where budget allows expend to outside "contractor’ do some organizing of events and chores. We are all working people who have jobs and businesses to run. Pay for other people to do delegating work. Free up energy and brains of "leaders" for other TM organizational endeavors. Also, encourage more "repeat backs" communication e.g. One things one gets an request, repeat request give to make sure what’s understood is what’s intended.

Ten minutes break after one two hours meetings are needed. Members could better communicate informally except the formal program.

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Future Search is an intensive participaory planning process developed by Marvin Weisbord and others. You can learn more about this process at the Future Search Network.

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