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A tested approach from ICA to enhance learning in your company

Dear Colleagues,

Taiwan’s first community building in organizations program on 20-22 August 1999, initiates company leadership teams in community building to increase learning in their organizations.

Our research into globalization indicates community building is a valuable process to help leaders at any level in a company identify and let go of no-longer-useful personal and organizational survival patterns while enhancing new, needed "way of being".

We are now moving to the next phase of our work with leadership teams in learning, applying, and re-inventing community building approaches.

Our Intent for community building in organizations (CBO)/How CBO is structured:

  2. Three to six important persons from a leadership team should attend together. Their task is to experience the impact and possibility of CB preparing them to become the practical genesis of CB in their organization. It is wise of ICA spends two hours of preparation time with members of each company team prior to their coming to the CBO.

  4. We will spend a half-day orienting, getting to know each other, rehearsing guidelines and becoming familiar with the CB process. One and one half days will be experiential time for building inclusive community. This is to establish safety and openness so that sharing at a deeper level becomes possible. This leaves one day of reflection and application work, much of it in company teams, with experienced CB participants facilitating and adding their own personal learning with the teams.

  6. ICA agrees to follow-up with a half-day session for each company team to make CB real in their workplace. ICA will organize inclusive CBO learning experiences with expanded company teams transferring our learnings as they grow.

For preparation, you can learn about CB as an organizational practice from Scott Pect’s book, "A World Waiting to be Born," available in Taiwan in both English and Chinese. Taiwan business leaders who read Peter Senge’s , "Fifth Discipline", and his "Fifth Discipline Fieldbook," are now beginning to read his latest, "Dance of Change." Both Senge and Peck understand and illustrate the role of community in individual learning and learning organizations.

Forward looking company leaders know something new in learning is needed in their organization, but may not be sure how to select from the many possibilities. We bring you our many years of experience, built on proven approaches which provides a strong foundation. In cooperation we can create what you need and "grow" your process in your situation.

Every organization, in order to thrive in the future, will need to implement a process like this. You can begin now. We will share our learnings with you. Together we can move ahead of the learning curve for learning organizations.

Best Regards,

Dick West

Gail West

Larry Philbrook

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