The Organizational Transformation Center focuses on how organizations transform while introducing innovative approaches to organizational change.. The OT Center is sponsored by Mark Pixley, a consultant/facilitator based in Asia..

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Schedule of upcoming events supported by the Organizational Development Center

Program Results from recent activities

Management Bookstore with links to cutting edge management thinkers

The Institute of Cultural Affairs - HK

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The Technology
of Participation

Facilitators' Forum

The Facilitators' Forum in Asia

International Association of Facilitators
The International Association of Facilitators

Large Scale Participatory Processes

Open Space
Future Search
Appreciative Inquiry

Asian Business Leadership Exchange

Asian Business Leadership Exchange


Reevaluation Co-counseling

Reevaluation Co-counseling

Reevaluation Counseling or Co-counseling Information

Business & You

Business & You Asia

Business & You USA

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